To get the best gaming experiences we highly recommend booking Cabin in the Woods, Prison Break, or Casino Heist before Inheritance, regardless of how many games you've previously played at other venues

Book while you can, game will be retired
at the end of October!

Difficulty-5/10(but still very challenging)

Best for your first experience here. Challenge the creepy puzzler. Don't let him fool you, he's really a gamer at heart. (Not scary)

2-8 players



A unique experience where your team starts in 2 prison cells with a door in between. You need to get all team members together before you can escape though!

2-6 players



Lots of surprises, exciting props
and puzzles. Heavily themed room.
Can you get the money back to its
rightful owners!?

2-8 players



What did your Great Uncle leave for you and can you find it before time runs out?

3-8 players