1. Arrive AT LEAST 20 mins before your scheduled time

2. Minimum age is 10 yrs old. 10-15 yrs old require an adult in the room.
If you have ages 8-9 and most of your group is adults, email us.

*Under 18 requires an adult signature on the waiver.

3. Absolutely NO alcohol consumption before(same day) arriving for your experience

4. Read all the info in your confirmation Email and forward to all players in your group

5. Additional information can be found in our FAQ below.


Will there be any strangers playing with us?

No. Each room experience purchased is for YOUR group only.

How much does it cost?

Although every booking is a private experience for your group only, the cost depends on the number of people you bring.
The base cost is $75 and will cover up to 3 people.
4 people =$100
5-6 people =$120
7 people =$140
8 people =$160
On the booking page, select your number of participants and it will show you the total price for the experience.


When should I arrive?

It is very important that you arrive AT LEAST 20 mins earlier than your booked time as we will be starting your experience around that time. This assures that your experience does not start late and everyone else's start on time as well. There will be the standard restroom breaks before you start and putting your things in a locker as well as the rules briefing.

Is it OK if I consume alcohol/illegal drugs before I come to the facility?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. If we reasonably believe that you are under the influence of drugs/alcohol we will ask you to leave the premises. No refunds will be issued. The Safety & Fun of our customers and staff are important to us. We will always take measures to ensure both of those.

Hours of Operation?

Hours of operation can vary. Visit our "book a room" page for available days and times.

Book A Room

Do you have multiple locations?

No, we have one location. We are independently owned and operated.

How many people can play?

The minimum required is 3 players. All our games have a maximum of 8 players except for "Prison Break" which is 6 players. We recommend at least 4-6 in a game though. The more you have the better chance you have of solving the entire room.


Is there an age limit?

There is no maximum age. THE MINIMUM AGE FOR AN EXPERIENCE IS 10. If you have ages 8-9 and most of your group is adults, email us. This activity will be most appealing or suitable for children 12 and up. Younger children/teens can do well with their families. However, when paired with just one adult and several of their peers (the same age), they don't focus as well or have patience for the puzzles. Safety is also a factor. Ages 10-15 yrs old must be accompanied by at least one adult. There is also a very excellent and convenient option for child care just 2 doors down from us. They are a "drop-in" child care center open Mon-Sat until midnight. Very professional & safe environment for children with web cam access available. Go to their site for more info.


Do you book large groups, Corporate events, or take reservations during the week?

Yes. We also offer catering. We can handle large groups of any kind. Your group can be together in the facility the entire time and not rushed in & out. We have dedicated rooms for this. We will take large group bookings during normally closed hours as well. Email us for more info.

How do I book and pay?

It’s all done online under our booking link. One person will choose an experience to book for their group and pay by credit/debit card or credit gift card. It is important that the information in the Confirmation Email is passed on to all players in the group.


Do you have adequate parking and also seating in the lobby?

Yes! There is an entire shopping plaza parking lot. Our lobby has plenty of comfortable seating with extra seating in the game room if needed.


How long does the experience last?

Your experience will begin about 15-20 mins before your start time. You then have 60 mins to complete the game. Either after you succeed or at the end of the 60 mins we will briefly visit with you about your experience.


If we didn't escape will you give us the remaining details on the room?



Can I leave the room before the experience actually ends?

Yes. You are allowed to leave the room anytime, but will not be able to re enter until it has ended (unless it was an emergency). It’s also a good idea to use the restroom before your experience begins.


Wheelchair accessible?

Yes, our entire facility is wheelchair accessible.


Is photo/video allowed?

No CAMERAS or CELL PHONES allowed inside the escape rooms. We do have lockers to store your belongings. Feel free to take a selfie in the lobby or game room!  If someone needs to contact you for an emergency, they can call us at 405-286-4414 and we will come get you promptly.


Is food or drinks allowed inside the escape rooms?

No, except for bottled water.


Are there video cameras mounted inside the rooms?

Yes. Every escape room business will have cameras in the rooms. It is necessary for several reasons including safety.


Will you take a group picture of us?

Yes, after your experience we will take a picture of your group and post on our Facebook site. You are welcome to retrieve your picture on Facebook.


Is there a waiver to sign?

Yes. We have a standard waiver with terms and conditions that is easy to read and understand. You can view/print it HERE. Each member of your party needs to sign it. You can bring it with you or sign one when you get here. However, anyone under the age of 18 must have their waiver signed by a parent or adult/guardian.


Can I cancel my booking?

There are no refunds, but you can reschedule your booking up until 72 hours before the original booking for another day/time of your choice.